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          "I hired Lucia Ada over 15 years ago to be a nanny to our children. Lucia worked and lived with us for six years so I can speak to her honesty, strong work ethic , her integrity, and her passion to evolve as a human being over the years. As a nanny, she also organized our schedules, our meals, and our closets all with a good sense of humor. Lucia went on to become a successful fashion designer before her latest incarnation as a professional organizer. I recently moved from Los Angeles to New York, and Lucia handled our move brilliantly - creating spreadsheets of what needed to go where: what was destined for a yard sale (which she also organized), eBay, donation or for keeps. She organized a dumpster, co-odinated with my movers, and tracked everything with great efficiency and good communication. All of her committed efforts helped minimize my stress, allowing me to focus on my work and our new life ahead. Plus, I feel completely liberated by all that I let go of in the process - thanks to Lucia's prodding. I highly recommend Lucia's skills as a home and life organizer, creative problem solver, and can-do person.

Thank you, Lucia, for being such dream!"


Katie Leede (interior and textile designer Katie Leede and Company)


         If you need a handyman who, whatever the issue,

is ready with a solution,

then look no further than Paul of Creative Workshop.  

My wife and I have used him for a number of jobs,

which have included caulking, the demolition of a closet,

the fixing of an Elfa closet disaster (courtesy of another contractor),

the patching of walls, the replacement of light switches and outlets,

the repositioning of outlets

(which is a lot more involved than one might think),

roof and gutter repairs, the installation of a new toilet,

the replacement of door locks and handles...and so much more.  

Paul can do it all.  On top of all that, he has a great eye for detail.  

He really cares about how things look and

that the client is happy with the end result.  

We are so glad we've found Paul and are now spreading the word,

so that others will use his talents.  

Don't wait any longer to address your punch list!  

Contact Creative Workshop and GET IT DONE!!

Evan R.


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