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Handyman Services

  • Home cleaning with strong commitment to green cleaning by using only environmently responsible or sustainable products

  • Using Norwex products - improving the quaility of life by radicaly reducing chemicals in our homes 

  • Working with pure essential oils that will leave your home refreshed and energized

  • Recommending products 

  • Helping your housekeeping staff understand meaning of Green Cleaning 

Green Cleaning Consulting

  • Purging, sorting and categorizing items

  • Creating inventory spreadsheets

  • Mindfull recycling 

  • Document shredding

  • Coordinating sales of unwanted items

  • Handling donations of unwanted items

  • Trash removal

  • Moving preparation

  • Clarity maintenance 

Home Organizing

  • Replacements, Installations, Assembly

  • Furniture

  • Exercise equipment

  • Home appliances 

  • Smart doorbells and locks

  • Garage door opener replacement

  • Under sink waterfilter installation

  • Electric toilet seats installation

  • Picture hanging

  • TV mounting

  • Home maintenance, and more...!

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